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richarD (RJ) eskow

writer, broadcaster, policy advisor



Photograph of Richard Eskow

Richard (RJ) Eskow is a journalist and policy consultant, and is host of a nationally distributed radio and television program. Richard is also a Senior Fellow with Social Security Works and was previously Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future.


Richard was lead writer and for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 first presidential campaign. His work has been published in The Nation, the American Prospect, Salon, The Intercept, the Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere, and has been anthologized three times in book form. 


For decades, Richard was a senior executive and expert in health insurance, social benefits, workers’ compensation, risk analysis, and finance. He has consulted on health and social policy for governments and private concerns in more than 20 countries. He has also been a teacher, a country/western singer, janitor, a nurse’s aide, a rock’n’roll guitarist and songwriter, and a warehouse worker. 


Richard’s weekly program, The Zero Hour, is available nationwide on cable TV, syndicated radio, and online. The program’s guests have included Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, Sherrod Brown, Imran Khan, and a range of leading activists, authors, and academics.

The zero hour with rj eskow

Broadcast on Free Speech TV and We Act Radio. Listen/watch on YouTube, Spotify, and podcast media. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Program website:

Richard with broadcasters' headset


“I admire what you have been saying to which I can only respond "Amen!" because I couldn't say it as well -- especially about the story of America that needs to be told.”

“Huffington Post founders thought the celebrities from Huffington's gold-plated Blackberry were going to be The Thing … Instead … previously unknown writers, such as the consultant RJ Eskow … emerged as the unlikely breakout star bloggers …” 

“Everybody on the Hill reads Eskow.”


Bill Moyers,
Author, television broadcaster, former White House official

Eric Boehlert,

"Bloggers On the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press"


Chief of Staff to Senator/Presidential Candidate



Richard can be reached at the email address and phone number below, or by using the contact form.

Tel: 1-301-799-5540

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